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New ORG Home Wood Solutions Combine Sustainability & Luxury for the home.

ORG Home Earth-Friendly Wood Solutions Offer Endless Home Storage Possibilities

HOLLAND, MI – ORG Home ( – a company that manufactures a complete line of home organization solutions – introduces its new wood product that can be used for virtually any area of the home. ORG Home’s wood offering mixes the warmth and beauty of wood, sophistication and function of ORG Home, and earth-friendly materials to create a greener, organized home. No longer do homeowners need to compromise their tastes and preferences to be environmentally-friendly.

What makes the ORG Home wood product line so unique is the use of earth-friendly materials. The panels used in manufacturing ORG Home wood products are environmentally safe, and contain 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber. ORG Home also offers a number of accessories that are powder-coated – a low impact manufacturing process that is better for the environment than typical alternatives.

The panels are also Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) Certified by the Composite Panel Association (CPA), the only environmental certification program that has achieved ANSI accreditation. In addition, ORG Home is an EPP Downstream licensed company, which demonstrates its environmental commitment by purchasing CPA EPP certified composite wood products.

The introduction of wood dramatically expands the uses for ORG Home products. Some luxury home owners limit the use of a laminate product in more public areas because it doesn’t represent the quality level in the rest of their home. So, they compromise function for an entertainment center from a local furniture store because of the materials used. Now with ORG Home wood products, they can have a beautiful custom solution that fits their space, functional and style preferences. These luxurious wood solutions will work anywhere in the home—in both private and common areas. Home organization no longer has to hide behind closed doors.

Commenting on the introduction of ORG Home wood product line, Director of Marketing and Product Management Randy Tallman said “There is a groundswell of interest in green solutions. We wanted to meet our customer’s interest in wood solutions, but to do this in an environmentally responsible way. This introduction is just another example of ORG Home’s commitment to a sustainable environment”. Now with ORG Home wood solutions, there are home organization products that will also help protect the environment by reducing impact while simplifying life with organizational solutions that enhance homeowners’ peace of mind.

Since 1987, ORG Home has provided quality solutions for any home organization challenge. ORG Home products maximize storage and save space in a homeowner’s closet, kitchen, garage, pantry, laundry or home office. The benefits are unique and far-reaching. ORG Home products help customers simplify their lives and give them more time to enjoy life’s pleasures. ORG Home organizational products are marketed through a nationwide network of authorized dealers who provide design services, organization advice and professional installation.

For more information about ORG Home solutions, please contact Angela Smit at (616) 994-7623,