Add Value

By defining and deepening the areas of the home most valued by home buyers, you can create "memory points" that trigger buying behavior. Thoughtful organization solutions help buyers envision themselves, their families and their stuff at home in the houses you build.

Sell sooner

A recent study indicated that the longer potential buyers stay in the kitchen and closet of a model home, the more likely they are to buy that home. When they stay longer you sell sooner, reducing your interest and selling expenses.

Set yourself apart

Consumers are willing to "trade up" for luxury products that meet an emotional need. Home storage and organization products are especially successful in tapping that need. A recent survey by Rubbermaid® claims that more woman wanted to organize their closets than those wanting to lose weight.

Just want it done? Your local ORG Home dealer can work directly with your clients to create a luxury buying experience. Or, you may access your choice of design and installation services through a local ORG Home building supplier. Call us for the location nearest you.

Secure a piece

...of this growing $10 billion industry. Luxury home buyers consider custom closets a "must have" amenity, as they do granite countertops and deep soaking tubs. Luxury homes represent the fastest growing segment of the housing market, expanding at a rate of 20% each year and defying a slowdown in the housing market.