Smart Savings

Being sustainable is the right thing to do for better health, home, community and the world we live in. Better yet, you’ll also save time and money.

Time to Enjoy

What you would do with an extra hour a day? A study by the National Association of Professional Organizers found that more than half of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized. ORG Home solutions create efficiency so you’ll have more time to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Saving Space

We know it’s all about the experiences in the home versus the size – how you enjoy it and how it enhances your lifestyle. With a smaller footprint home, better organization maximizes your space efficiency and enhances your life. Plus, less material is needed, and less utility means more cost savings to you.

Forget It

Extra trips to the store can cost you time, money, fuel and frustration. Have you gone to the store for something you discover wasn’t needed after all? When you organize your pantry with ORG Home, it’s easy to see what you need and what you already have, so ingredients won’t be forgotten and won’t go to waste.

More for Your Money

Upgrading to ORG Home custom solutions not only gives a higher quality of life, it increases the quality and value of your home. Realtors agree that a clean and organized home with ample storage help sell homes. In fact, walk-in closets are ranked as the top desired feature for those looking to buy a home.

Fit Facilities

Like you, we are also on the lookout for ways to save costs and keep a tidy home. Our dust-collection system improves air quality in the plant and during the chilly Michigan winters, we recycle the warm air back into the plant as heat, reducing our natural gas consumption in the last year by 50%.

Nearly 20 years ago, we integrated a pond into our landscaping to capture and naturally filter runoff from our roof and parking lots. We use the pond to irrigate our grounds and reduce the amount of water we use.

We’re also on a campaign to conserve energy through an efficient lighting system in our plant and offices. All of our facilities are illuminated by energy efficient fluorescents, reducing energy use for lighting by 80%.